In the Place Where You’d Rather Not Be

  Learn from the things that are already in the place where you wish you were not. – Padraig O’Tuama in The Shelter, (p.9) A dead lightbulb has been sitting on our kitchen island for more than a week. Before that, it was in the light fixture above our dining...

Growing Season

“I’m feeling the invitation to sow seeds,” I said to a friend and mentor.   // Every year my husband plants the garden.   The children swarm around him like insects, digging and dumping seeds and then, later, when what has been done has been done,...

Sucker-Punch (a story of Openness and Vulnerability)

I was so grateful a few weeks ago to receive an invitation from Amber Cadenas to write something for her blog, Beautiful Rubbish: the everyday art of learning to see.  Amber’s running a series of guest posts under the topic “Tales of Beauty from the...
Sustainable Spirituality

Sustainable Spirituality

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