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Spiritual Direction

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Retreats & Events

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You don’t have to walk alone.

Who am I? What is my purpose?

These are the questions I’ve wrestled with my entire life. Sitting with these questions can be scary. Accepting the answers that arise can be difficult. Yet, in the process of asking the hard questions I have encountered a God who loves us and is for and with us.

You are loved. Your life has meaning.

The presence you seek is most often found right where you are.

These are the answers I’ve found through years of journeying, the truths I bring to every space I enter.

You are loved. Your life, in all of its peculiarities and drudgeries, has meaning. Are you ready to start living the questions?

photo of Kelly Chripczuk sitting in a field of wildflowers

About Kelly

Kelly has an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies, as well as an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary. She received Spiritual Direction training through Oasis Ministries for Spiritual Development and has been a practicing Spiritual Director for 7 years. Kelly has pastoral experience in both church and institutional settings and is a gifted speaker and retreat leader.

Kelly brings deep wisdom, compassion, presence, and joy to any setting. She offers  a safe and supportive environment where all are welcome as they are. While she operates from within a Christian perspective, she is eager to meet with all who are seeking God’s presence.


As a Spiritual Director, Kelly is kindly supportive, offering a strong container within which I can be received as myself. She trusts the Divine Lover’s activity in me, to woo me and draw me. 

— Ramona Ndlovu, Integrative Therapist @ Sage Heart Studio


In person or over Zoom, Kelly’s presence is a gift: unhurried, welcoming, calming, creating a space where laughter and tears are equally welcome. She allows time for silence in our conversation, listens with care and intuition, and responds with curiosity and equanimity. She asks excellent questions, which direct me toward my relationship with God.

— L. B.


Kelly is a deeply spiritual person who thoughtfully guides directees towards a deeper spiritual life. She is an excellent and insightful speaker in any setting.

— Eldon Fry, Founder @ Open Hands Ministries


Deepening Joy

This is Isaiah, age 1.5, discovering there's candy inside of his plastic Easter egg. He was happy with the egg itself, but when I showed him what was inside, his whole demeanor changed. Something similar happens in Spiritual Direction. The slowness and simplicity of the space offers an opportunity...

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Learning to Speak Ukrainian

(Bunia and Grandma Hausknecht at our wedding, no shared language except love.) Dobre dien. (Good morning.) Dobranich. (Good night.) Dyakuyu. (Thank you.) Shcho stalos? (What happened?) // I was twenty years old when I promised my soon-to-be mother-in-law I would learn to speak Ukrainian. My...

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What Color is Joy?

What color is joy? My Spiritual Director once asked me to describe the joy I was feeling. I told her it was like a big bouquet of flowers. She then asked, "What color are the flowers?" "All the happy colors," I replied. I felt a shock of joy on this cold January morning when I had the idea to pair...

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Whenever I’m able to start with truth—grounded in reality—I usually find that I’m taken to a place of hope, even beauty. – Parker  J. Palmer

Sustainable Spirituality

Sustainable Spirituality

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