Summer Grace 

is a handful of blueberries 

dropped from the bush to your hand. 

(Some things are given, not 


is a few days’ reprieve 

from sweltering heat. 

In coolness, freedom 

and possibility blossom. 

is the tireless robin 

who arrives again and again 

with worms for hungry chicks. 

Her energy, like God’s, unfailing. 

is an early morning 

filled with birdsong – 

the sweet natural rhythm 

of living things calms chaos, 

quiets the spirit. 

is a neighbor 

reaching across the divide 

to offer support, 

an incarnation 

of love divine. 

is a grown child 

turned handyman, 

is a surprise reunion, 

and elderberries 

growing and yielding 

fruit where no one planted. 

is offering space – 

is having space to offer – 

to a group in need, is 

a barn filled with food, 

a welcome harvest for hungry

– a This Contemplative Life Community composition

I’ve started a small private community over on fb, connected to my business page. It’s a slow space where participants are invited to take a “long, loving look at the real.” Visit the link above to lean more and asked to be connected. The poem above grew out of members’ responses to a question on this page: Where are you finding grace this summer?

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