Let me 
when you
are ready
to go.



that leap 


I know,

the fear,

the lies

that bind you

to the edge

of that prison



boast such 



is all

there ever,

was, all  

there ever 

will be,”

they say.


if your heart 

whispers shadows 

of another land, 

let me know.

I will


at the edge

with you.

I, too, 


the fear 

of falling,

of landing 

in a wilderness

far beyond

settled lands.


I also know

what they will never know:

the rush of wind

on your face, the feeling

of taking flight; the courage

it takes, the love.

– K. Chripczuk

As a new year approaches, I’m pondering the things I have left behind this year and wondering what more might need to go. Letting go is never easy, but it’s worth the work it takes. Perhaps, you are facing a difficult letting go. Let me know, I’d be happy to “stand at the edge with you.” I can’t wait to see your life take flight. 

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