You have to
return to the tomb

to experience

Return to
the place where once

you knew
without doubt

all hope was
gone, the last

dying gasp
of breath expelled.

silence, stillness

and the
great tearing open

of sky and

The first
sign of spring

is the revelation
of all

died.  Snow’s clean

slate hides decay,

but when the
sun’s warmth rises

its first disclosure
is the depth

of loss –
the grass,

brown and
trampled, barren

broken limbs
scattered, earth

exposed and
the empty stretch

of field
filled with brown stalks

of decomposition.

This is the
time of waiting,

the time in
which we grow

weary and
lose heart. 

You have to
watch the barren

earth, pull
back brown leaves,

lean close
scanning the hidden

places.  You have to stand beside

the stone,
Martha would tell us,

trembling hand pressed against       

its cold, hard
surface.  You have to enter

the dark
, Peter whispers, not knowing

what you’ll

You have to
sit through the long,

dark night to see the first light of morning,        

to feel the
sharp intake of breath

as the sky’s
closed eye, cold and gray

cracks open
slowly, then with growing

determination.  This is what you must do

experience resurrection. 

This post is linked with the High Calling.

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