help, cut or wild

blooms of
vibrant hue,

also time
rolled out in long

like bolts of cloth.

Air is
essential, as well as stories

that name in
some way the sharp

corners of
your pain.

You will
want to lay down

on the
floor, to feel something

beneath your brokenness,

like a hand
holding the pieces

of a
shattered vase. 

Be gentle: offer yourself 

cup of tea, a book, a
candle lit

silence. Tuck small 

moments of beauty and joy

into your heart like a poultice 

to draw out the pain.

If you’re
able, wake up

before the
sun rises.  Allow

your day to
begin and end

in the quiet
dark.  Then watch

for the way
the light breaks

through differently each day; 

the miracle

of night’s
passing until 

you believe
it’s true.  

(Photo Source: Here. ) Linking today with Playdates With God.

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