The Season of Resurrection


Slender green fingers point toward the windswept sky,

where a battle rages between blue and cottony white.

Daffodil heads, wrapped in linen brown nod graciously, 

bright yellow flags waiting to unfurl.   

Everywhere  – under and all around – the voices of bright angels sing,

“Behold the One who is making all things new.”


Although March’s lion seems reluctant to lie down with the lamb, hints of spring are everywhere and we, my friends, are moving this Saturday to the farm house of our dreams.  These crocuses were peaking out this morning when I stopped by to help my husband with the enormous job of putting back together all of the things we’ve torn apart. 

Our older two started at their new school this week and that (Hallelujah!) has gone well.  They’ll ride the bus on Monday and I will officially lay down my chauffeur hat for a few sweet months until the twins start preschool.

I moved two chairs and a candle stand into my writer’s house the other day, swept and mopped the floor and took measurements for a desk.  Before long I hope to be writing and meeting with directees in that quiet, sunlit space.

We will be without internet for a few days (ie. for as long as we can stand it) and I will take a break from blogging.  There’s still SO. MUCH. WORK. to be done.  But, spring is in the air, my friends and WE are all being made new. 

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