It’s Labor Day here in the United States.  My husband is off from work, my father-in-law is visiting, and this is ALL FOUR kids’ last day of summer vacation.  It’s been a hot, dry summer in our neck of the woods and somewhere half-way through we re-discovered the Yellow Breeches creek just a few minutes from our house.  Even on the hottest of days the creek’s cool and shady, filled with wonders.

Yesterday I picked up a book my soon-to-be fifth grader recommended, Sophie Quire and the Last Storyguard, a lovely book about the power of story and the lengths we must go to to protect it.  The book begins with this quote, which I’ll leave you with, as well as some pictures from our time at the creek. Tomorrow’s a new bend in the road for us and I’ll see you on the other side. #SmallWonder link-up will be back next week. 

The most priceless posession of the human race is the wonder of the world.  Yet, latterly, the utmost endeavours of mankind have been directed towards the dissipation of that wonder . . . Nobody, any longer, may hope to entertain an angel unawares, or to meet sir Lancelot in shining armour on a moonlit road.  But what is the use of living in a world devoid of wonderment? – Kenneth Grahame

This summer’s Zinnias are almost spent and I’m looking forward to adding more variety to next year’s crop. 

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