deep under a
layer of blankets,

I hear him
cry out

in his dark,
cold room

at the end
of the hall. 

“Ya-Yuh?  Ya-yuh!” he calls,

pausing to
wait for his brother’s reply. 

Answering silence
is followed by thump, patter,

then the
squeak of his door. 

down the hall

the word,
“Mommy” slips from his lips. 

“What?” I
call, still snuggled, waiting to hear

what will be
required of me. 

A drink of

A blanket
straightened and tucked? 

A song or a hand
held in the dark?

“I love
you,” he calls, then turns,

hurrying back
to his warm bed.

Now I am
awake and thinking

of his voice splitting the night

like an
angel choir, the words,

“I love you”
falling like snow 

across an
otherwise silent night. 

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