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mornings I’m up by six with the goal of ingesting equal amounts of caffeine and
silence before the clock strikes seven and the kids tumble down the stairs.
  This morning
when I plopped down on the love seat with the first warm cup of coffee, it was nearly

The sky was grayed by a blanket
of fog, the world pale and shy through the windows.
  I sat facing the stairs and for the briefest
of moments the white balusters supporting the handrail appeared to be floating
in mid-air, foundation-less.

Light from one window lit the curved
spindles highlighting them while light from another colored their small square bases exactly the right shade of gray to blend in
with the paneled wall behind.  It was an
optical illusion that lasted a minute or less as the morning light shifted
quickly and I was there to see it. 

This morning
the light is slow to come, the wind is howling and the online forecast suggests the next few days will keep me busy feeding the wood stove to stave off the
cold.  So far January has been gray and
damp and I’m learning to find a certain comfort in the fog, aside from its
obvious beauty. 

I don’t like
not being able to see very far ahead in my own life, but the fog seems to tell
me it’s ok.  The whitened landscape reminds me that there’s often a gentleness in not knowing and a
gift in having no other option but being fully present right where we are. 

I was there
on the couch at just the right moment to observe that small and fleeting wonder
– wonder right in front of me, inside my very own little house. 

This is what
I’m thinking about these days – these small wonders, moments that open and
close like so many flowers blooming and fading throughout the garden of my day.  

*   *   * 

Welcome, friends, to the #SmallWonder link-up.

What if we chose to deliberately look for the small moments of wonder, the small sparks of presence, of delight or sorrow, of true humanity in which we meet God?  

That’s my proposal – that we would gather together here each week (or as often as we’re able) to share one small moment of Wonder from each of our days. 

You’re invited to link-up a brief post of about five hundred words or less about a Small moment of Wonder.  Don’t worry if your post is too long, too short or not just right, you’re welcome to come as you are.

Looking for Unforced Rhythms?  We’re a community in transition.  We invite you to consider whether this new link-up meets your needs and to participate as you’re able.  

While you’re here, please do take a look around and encourage at least one other blogger with a comment.  

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