You are not
the ocean –

not the wind
that moves across,

not the
crashing waves,

nor the
glassy ease as evening falls.

You are not
the clear blue,

the emerald
green, the angry gray and white.

You are not
the silver school of fins

spinning in
synchronized motion

nor the
great beasts that lurk and glide.

You are
something smaller –

the silent
oyster resting on the deepest floor.

But, again,
you are not the oyster,

nor its
opening or closing,

something smaller yet.

You are the
pearl, opalescent,

that dwells within,
smooth and still.

You are the

And because
of this,

you are all
of these things and more –

the ocean,
the wind, the waves,

the great
creatures, the oyster,

and the

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