There’s just one shower here at our new old farm house and it stands about three feet high over an ancient porcelain tub.  It’s quirky, you might say, just the sort of thing to inspire a little poetry, and here’s a case where one poem popped up inside of another. Do you think I should separate them or keep them together?  Let me know in the comments section . . .

There’s something to be said

for a shower that forces you

to kneel each morning,

like a flower bent

by heavy rain.

*   *

Alone in a cold house

one evening on retreat,

I heated water for a bath

filling pans and tea kettle

on the stove, making trip

after trip up and down

two flights of stairs.

It took three rounds

just to get the tub luke-warm.

Watching myself

I wondered whether

it was all a ruse, a

busy way of avoiding prayer,

but then again, maybe

the work – the commitment,

the longing for a good, long soak

– was itself a prayer.

*   *

Every morning now I genuflect,

knees on porcelain,

while warmth rains down on me.

There’s something to be said for that.

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