I was worried that maybe it was a little too late for this post now that spring is officially here, but given that it’s only 35 degrees outside (and windy) and that I wore my coat and hat in the house all last evening, I think we could all still use the reminder.  Enjoy!

*   *   *   *   *

While welcoming in the New Year, my family also unwittingly welcomed in a veritable cornucopia of germs and we’re still reeling from it all.  I have the pediatritian on speed-dial and the fridge boasts a wide collection of fruit-flavored antibiotics.  We’ve been trapped inside for days now, wading through mountains of old tissues and tripping over empty syringes of infants’ Ibuprophen. 

One particularly rough morning, I stood in the middle of a sea of sickness like the captain of a sinking ship and declared, “Get dressed, get your shoes and coats on, we’re going out.”  Mustering the efficiency of someone evacuating in the path of a natural disaster, I piled all four kids and the jogging stroller into the van in 10 minutes flat.

I pulled away from the curb without a plan . . .  

This post was published in Central Penn Parent Magazine, simpy click on the link to continue reading. 

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