I don’t think I’d ever read a single blog post before I started blogging, but since then, I’ve developed quite a list that I follow and read regularly.  Every once in awhile I’d like to share some of my favorite posts with you.  Simply click on the link provided to visit the site.  Enjoy!

For when you need to laugh: “After three months of negotiations, you
have still failed to comply with what I feel are very basic rules when it comes
to what you are to feed me. Since you show no indication of falling into line, I
have been forced to strike until this matter is resolved.” 
10 Rules for Feeding a Picky Baby

For when you need hope: “My son now stands on that hill between resignation and acceptance, wrestling with God and self. Afraid.” Ready for Spring 

For when your life needs a soundtrack: Emily Wierenga I completely stopped listening to music at home after we had kids – I simply couldn’t stand the extra stimulation.  Recently, though, I started listening again but didn’ have a lot of time to look for music I liked.  Then I stumbled across Emily Wierenga’s blog where she has her own playlist.  Simply scroll down the page and look for the little player box on the right, click play and voila!  awesome hipster playlist at your fingertips.  Emily adds new music over time. 

For when you need to remember the beauty of loss: “He sits with his mother in room 710 . . .”  Absolute Sway 

For when you want to know more about the tree this apple fell from: “At the beginning of 2013 I believe God is telling me LIVE, really live, live fully, so that I might praise him through my life.” Live Fully

For when you can’t stand the noise any more: “Those ants know the value of a season of silence. They understand the importance of waiting. There is a time for scurrying and working and gnawing, a time for digging and eating and moving.  But there is also a time for stillness. A time for silence. A time for waiting.” Why the Church Should Quiet Down

Have you read any great posts this week?  Did you like any of these?  I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!

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