This past month I had the opportunity to write a post for my friend Matt Tuckey’s blog, Y Thoughts.  Matt is a good friend and the Associate Executive Director of our local YMCA.  You can start reading the post here, then click on the link to continue reading on Matt’s blog.  While your there, read around and leave a few comments.  Matt writes thoughtful pieces on the intersections between faith and culture and how the many decisions we all make on a daily basis effect both our social and individual well-being. 

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It started in a moment of frustration as so many things do when I find myself home alone with four young children during the “witching hour” of 4 to 5 pm.  I was buzzing around the house tossing cereal in front of the twins in their highchairs and ferrying snacks to the older two who were camped-out in front of the TV while also trying to make dinner. 

Chop, chop, chop, . . . scrape go onions into the pan.  Grab another handful of cheerios for the babies.  Turn, and chop, chop, chop, . . . scrape go carrots.  Then the call from the front room, “Can we have some more snack . . . and some juice, please?” 

Click here to visit Matt’s blog and read the rest of this post: Y Thoughts.

Here’s what the kids made:

Solomon made “Dinosaur Tracks”

Sophia’s “Princess and the Pea Salad”

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