Laundry, Lent and Suffering

It’s not the cold, snow, and wind that get to me.  Not our house’s perpetually crunchy, dirty floors.  Not even the smell of the litter box and the cat food scattered near and far.  No, in winter, it’s the laundry that gets to me most, causing my spirit...

Winter Morning (#SmallWonder Link-up)

Photo Source And we are put on earth a little space, that we may learn to bear the beams of love . . . – William Blake I crept from the covers early and pulled on socks before slipping down to where the dog waited, barking, in the cold kitchen.  He danced...

Love at First Sight (a poem)

(Here I am around age 5 with two of my first kittens.  It was always love at first sight.) Instinct led her to lift the small mewing creature with pin-prick paws to her chest, pressing it close to where her own heart beat.  And instinct bade the poor kitten...
Sustainable Spirituality

Sustainable Spirituality

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